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A Ohio lawmaker drew criticism for using a virtual office background while attending a Zoom meeting with his colleagues and driving at the same time. Despite the crafty scene setting, state senator Andrew Brenner can be seen wearing a seatbelt and constantly scanning his horizon. His actual surroundings were also betrayed by the fact that he had appeared in a car just moments earlier. During a 13-minute meeting of the Ohio Controlling Board earlier this week, Brenner appears behind the wheel of a car at the start of the video then sets the background of home office in a likely bid to conceal his driving, which starts at the 4:19 mark. Brenner keeps an eye on the video while driving, but apparently unsatisfied, cuts off the feed shortly after. The Republican state senator returns at 5:18, his head at times fading away as he checks his side windows for traffic. Buildings and trees can be seen rolling by around his head. As The Columbus Dispatch notes, that same day, a distracted driving bill was introduced in the state’s House of Representatives. Brenner defended his actions to the paper, saying he was “paying attention.”

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