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Tomorrow Trudeau’s chief of staff Katie Telford will appear in front of the House of Commons defence committee to answer about a purported cover-up in military sexual misconduct. According to Global News, it was a contentious situation where the Conservative committee members brought up this proposition last week, only to be “filibustered” by Liberal MPs. Fast forward to Monday a Defence Committee meeting was cancelled outright by the chair. This meant a further delay in knowledge and insight about how one of the highest ranking military officials was able to keep their job and even get a raise amidst scrutiny. It was last month that Trudeau’s former senior adviser Elder Marques told the committee that either Telford or Telford’s assistant asked him to “pass” along an allegation that was made against General Jonathan Vance onward to officials. People who then quickly opened and then “abandoned” the investigation. The state of the situation was described by James Bezan to Global News: “For a week, the Trudeau Liberals have blocked Katie Telford from testifying on her role in this cover-up. Now she’s suddenly available. What’s changed?”

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