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A former vice chair of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission called the Liberal government’s internet regulation bill, C-10, a “national embarrassment” in a Financial Post op-ed published on Wednesday. “Last week, Canadians finally realized that Guilbeault, the cable companies, film-makers and musicians were prepared to regulate individuals’ online expression if that meant getting what they wanted. It’s unlikely that’s the outcome Canada’s creative core was looking for when all this began,” wrote Peter Menzies. “Guibeault could have taxed the web giants without regulating the internet but he got greedy. His reach having exceeded his grasp, Bill C-10 is still — despite his promises of a death bed conversion — a national embarrassment and Canada’s cultural sector needs to do the right thing and step away from it.” Bill C-10 has recently sparked public outrage after Liberal MPs voted to strip an amendment from the bill which protected user-generated content from CRTC regulation. Critics have argued that without protections for user-generated content, the bill effectively threatens the fundamental right to freedom of expression of Canadians.

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