Another Biden Gaffe: Americans Making Under $400K Will ‘Not Pay a Single Penny in Taxes’


Happy days are here again, all thanks to President Joe Biden. No, I’m not talking about all of the unity, normalcy and moderation he promised to bring to the office. In fact, if unity, normalcy and moderation were in a small town on the Kansas plains, the Biden presidency has thus far been an F5 tornado. The only difference seems to be when the tornado hits, the Weather Channel doesn’t send its version of Brian Stelter out to the site to say “how refreshing” the supercell was. Rather, my happiness comes from the fact the president seems to have had a Damascene road conversion to bedrock conservatism. We’re not just talking Ronald Reagan conservatism. We’re not even talking Calvin Coolidge-level stuff. Here’s Biden going straight-up Friedrich Hayek during a speech in Virginia on Monday where he announced the biggest tax cut since the federal income tax was instituted in 1913: PRES. BIDEN: “Anybody making less than $400,000 a year will not pay a single penny in taxes.” “The reason I’m bothering to do this is I keep hearing on the press, ‘Biden’s going to raise your taxes,’” Biden told the audience at Tidewater Community College in Yorktown, Virginia, on Monday.

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