“A new low”: Pro-life Conservative MP hits back after Guilbeault’s “hypocrisy” smear


Conservative MP Rachael Harder has fired back at Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault after Guilbeault accused her of “hypocrisy” for being pro-life and supporting free speech. In a statement to True North, Harder said Guilbeault’s comments were “inappropriate,” but added they are an example of him availing himself of his right to free speech. “When he wasn’t able to defend his infringement on people’s Charter rights, he decided to go after my personal values and beliefs. Indeed, freedom is messy and although Mr. Guilbeault’s response was inappropriate, I would never wish for his freedom of speech to be taken from him. He is free to use or misuse his voice. The consequences are his to bear,” Harder said. The statement comes after Guilbeault attacked her personal beliefs in response to a question about his planned internet regulation bill, C-10, in the House of Commons. “They are incapable of disagreeing without being disagreeable. When important questions or concerns are raised and the Liberals don’t have answers, their standard response is to deflect, attack, or both. Minister Guilbeault took things to a new low,” Harder added.

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