Biden’s Racist Presidency


Even if we take Psaki’s advice and focus on what President Biden is saying and doing today, Biden is still exhibiting his racism — this time from the Oval Office. First, he embraces critical race theory, which itself is racist to its core. Second, Biden stereotypes blacks as one monolithic group incapable of performing simple tasks in exercising their right to vote and who all view the police collectively as bigots wanting to hurt them. Critical race theory is rooted in Marxism. It replaces economic class with race as the determinant of who is the oppressor and who is the oppressed. Critical race theory strips a person of one’s own individual humanity and attributes pre-determined traits, biases, beliefs, and moral values based solely on the racial group a person belongs to. White people are privileged oppressors simply because they are born white, the theory postulates. It makes no difference what an individual white person believes. It is irrelevant how an individual white person treats people of color in day-to-day interactions, or what good the person does in life for other people. Whites are born with the original sin of slavery.

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