With Bill C-10, Trudeau & Guilbeault Show They See Themselves As Rulers, And See You As A Powerless Subject


Politicians would only try this on a people they feel are too weak and easily manipulated to push back. When it comes to Canada’s politicians and how they manage Canada’s role on the world stage, ‘weakness’ is the number one term that comes to mind. Canada has become incapable of showing strength, with our military scandalized and underfunded, our leader seen as a laughingstock, and our willingness to cripple our own energy sector while other countries get rich rendering us as an unserious nation. Weakness and cowardice are truly linked, as the weakest tend to only show aggression against those they perceive as even weaker than them. It is like a cycle of abuse, where a weak person abuses someone who is weaker than them, while that person then abuses someone ‘below’ them, and so on. And that cycle is alive and well in Canada. Canada’s ‘leaders,’ experience humiliation on the world stage, and then seek to visit that humiliation on Canadians. Other countries see our leaders as weak and naïve, while our leaders clearly view Canadians the same way. Unfortunately, that perception often fits reality, with the weak leading the weak.

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