Watch: Minnesota Locals Condemn Riots While White Woke DC Liberals Defend Them


In a man-on-the-street video published Monday, Daily Caller video journalist Lisa Bennatan interviewed locals from Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, and Washington, D.C., asking for opinions on rioting and exposing the truth behind the white liberal facade of outrage. It was of little surprise that Minnesota locals revealed they did not want to watch their city burned to the ground — and expressed as much. However, woke residents of Washington were far less sympathetic to the plights of businesses and Brooklyn Center inhabitants, instead defending those who are looting and aggressively rioting in the state. One man interviewed from Brooklyn Center said, “Well a lot of the looting that happened in Ferguson, just like here, is on the cause of an opportunist.” “I guarantee you nine times out of 10, the people who were looting are not from this area.” Another man echoed his statement, saying, “When something like this goes on, the opportunistic people come out and they try to dehumanize us.” Even Black Lives Matter protesters in Minnesota were cautious about conflating themselves with rioters and looters. One woman said, “We have protesters and then we have rioters.”

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