WaPo Fact Checker Ends Database of Biden’s False Claims After Only 100 Days


Glenn Kessler of The Washington Post is being criticized for the decision to shut down the presidential fact-checking database only 100 days into the Biden administration. Kessler explained his reasoning in a controversial Twitter thread on Monday, saying that the database was only going to be used for the early part of the presidency since the beginning. “We’ve been comparing Biden (67 false or misleading claims) to Trump’s first 100 days (511 claims.) But past is no prologue. In the last 100 days before the 2020 election, we counted 8,859 claims made by Trump. It was a wild ride,” Kessler tweeted Monday. “Learned my lesson” means that who knows what the next four years will bring. We have fact-checked Biden rigorously and will continue to do so. Trump at 500 claims/100 days was manageable; 8,000+ was not,” he added. “And if you think we missed something in our database of the first 100 days, send me a note and I will consider it. What we produced is more comprehensive than anything else out there.”

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