United States’ standing in world higher under Joe Biden than Donald Trump, poll shows


The first 100 days of Joe Biden’s presidency have improved the global image of the United States almost everywhere surveyed by a new poll. But despite a trade war, Uighur genocide declarations, and “Kung Flu” rhetoric, China remains the only country where the US’s standing was significantly better under Donald Trump. Across 14 countries surveyed, favourable views about the US increased by an average of 9 per cent in the three months since Mr Biden was inaugurated on 20 January. “President Joe Biden inherited a tarnished American image abroad when he took office on 20 January following four years of President Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ foreign policies and the 6 January Capitol riot that called into question the status of the world’s oldest continuous democracy,” wrote Eli Yokley for pollsters Morning Consult. “Nearly 100 days later as the United States and the world meets a symbolic milestone of Biden’s presidency, the Oval Office’s current occupant is overseeing a sizeable improvement to the American brand across many allied countries.”

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