Does the AstraZeneca vaccine cause more common side-effects than others? Your Coronavirus questions answered


Are the common side-effects worse, or are GenXers more sensitive? If you feel like you’re hearing more about vaccine side-effects lately, you’re not alone. After the age limit for the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine was lowered from 55 to 40 across several provinces, many more GenXers have received their first dose and reported feeling lousy afterward. Social media has been flooded with people reporting the non-serious side-effects they felt (and, in many cases, their vaccine selfies). To be clear, the federal government classifies reported side-effects after COVID-19 vaccinations as serious or non-serious adverse effects. Serious adverse effects would be an anaphylactic reaction or one of those rare blood clots you’ve likely heard about. Non-serious adverse reactions, or common side-effects, would be a general malaise some people might feel after getting the shot.

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