Canada Would Benefit From Having Maverick & PPC MPs In Parliament


Right now, Conservative voters are being treated as if they lack any leverage. That can change rapidly. In politics, it is always dangerous when any large group is treated as lacking leverage. The moment that starts to happen, politicians begin taking them for granted. And when politicians take a group for granted, they demand their votes, their support, their volunteer hours, yet feel they owe them virtually nothing in return. This can often go on for a long-time, as loyalty to a party brand, and antipathy to a shared opponent is a potent method of inducing the desired behavior – in this case how someone votes. However, over time the feeling of being taken advantage of generates rising resentment, and that resentment does not stay suppressed forever. We are seeing that resentment now among many in the Conservative Party, and among those who have left. Of course, the biggest tipping point was O’Toole’s blatant flip on the carbon tax. There is simply no way to get around the fact that he blatantly lied to Conservatives, and then tried to use the same rhetorical games as Justin Trudeau and Rachel Notley to claim it wasn’t a tax.

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