4 black soldiers called N-word, harassed by white woman at Virginia IHOP


A white woman harassed four black soldiers Monday afternoon at a Virginia IHOP and called them the N-word twice, one soldier said. The unidentified woman initially offered to help pay for the group’s meal at the restaurant near Fort Belvoir in the Washington, D.C.,suburbs, soldier Joe Jeffers Jr. said in a Facebook video. Jeffers said she left $6 on the table and walked away. But minutes later, the woman stormed back to the table demanding the money back, according to Jeffers. After a disagreement over how much money the woman left behind, Jeffers quoted her as saying, “Y’all are some lying, c—s–king, [N-word]s who don’t know what the f— they’re talking about.” She then followed that with, “I hate [N-word]s in this town,” according to Jeffers. At that point, Jeffers and another soldier began filming the interaction. The other three soldiers have not been identified, but Jeffers shared multiple videos on his TikTok page. “You guys are a bunch of s—bags,” she told the group in one video. Jeffers asked the woman to leave. Instead, she blocked his exit from the restaurant booth, so he climbed behind her to leave.

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