Political Correctness & A Denial Of Common-Sense Is Causing Serious Damage To Our Country


What will happen to a society unable to speak the truth? Finding links between seemingly unrelated things is often derided as ‘conspiracy thinking,’ but after a year in which countless politicians and supposed experts proved themselves to be both power hungry and incompetent to a stunning degree, we would be foolish to have the bounds of our thinking restricted by those who lack any sense of creativity or skill. ‘Conspiracy thinking’ has been far more accurate than our public officials, who have abandoned all common-sense and pushed political correctness above all else. So, here are a few seemingly unrelated things happening in Canada that turn out to be quite related: First, I want to draw your attention to this story, featuring some ‘experts’ commenting on the recently imposed travel ban on India & Pakistan. Considering that all of Canada’s original virus cases came from outside the country, and given that variants can only enter Canada from outside the country, it is the most basic level of common-sense that border measures and bans (which should have been imposed far earlier of course), would reduce variants from entering.

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