Austin: Do Black Lives Only Matter if They’re Shot By White Police Officers?


I believe Ma’Khia Bryant’s life mattered. But the woman Bryant allegedly wanted to stab, her life matters, too. It seems that for Black Lives Matter and for many on the progressive left who claim to fight for social justice, only Bryant’s life mattered. For those unfamiliar with the case, Bryant — a 16-year-old black girl — was fatally shot Tuesday during an altercation with police in Columbus, Ohio. Shortly after the shooting, establishment media outlets such as NPR, The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Daily Beast ran with the story, angling it as another example of a black American being shot by the police. Noticeably absent from the coverage, however, was that Bryant allegedly was mere moments away from using a knife to stab a 20-year-old black woman at the time Bryant was shot. Even after police body-cam footage of the incident became available to the public, numerous left-wing activists and politicians couldn’t help but paint the incident as another example of systemic racism in action, exemplifying how irredeemably racist American policing truly is.

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