Calgary terrorism suspect runs out of funds to pay lawyer, court told


One of two Calgary-area men charged with terrorism-related charges linked to ISIS can no longer afford to pay his lawyer, court heard Friday. Defence counsel David Chow asked to be allowed to be removed from the record because Jamal Borhot can no longer afford to pay him after the lawyer waded through “mountainous” Crown disclosure for him. “Mr. Borhot cannot afford to pay my retainer fees,” Chow said. “Mr. Borhot cannot afford my legal services so I’m making an application to be removed from the record.” Defence counsel Rame Katrib, who represents Borhot’s cousin, Hussein Borhot, said he still has to review “thousands and thousands and thousands” of pages of disclosure to determine if he will be able to continue on behalf of his client. The cousins are charged separately with terrorism-related charges for allegedly travelling to Syria to assist ISIS.

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