Liberal MP calls Antifa a “far-left extremist” organization during committee meeting


Liberal MP Hedy Fry referenced the violent anarchist collective known internationally as Antifa as an example of a far-left extremist organization during a Foreign Affairs Committee meeting last week. Fry made the comments in support of an amendment by Conservative MP Michael Chong to a motion on a study into human rights abuses by extremists against minorities, the LGBT community and others. Chong’s amendment sought to change the wording of the motion from exclusively referencing “right-wing extremists” to simply “extremists,” following the advice of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) in its 2019 public report. “There’s one part of the motion that I think should be amended, and I move an amendment to the motion that we remove the two words ‘right wing’ so that it would simply read ‘abuses by extremists,’ and so on and so forth,” said Chong. “The reason I’m proposing that amendment is twofold. First, extremism can come from both the extreme right and the extreme left … More importantly, I think we should follow the advice of CSIS, which has actually eschewed using the terms ‘right-wing extremism’ and ‘left-wing extremism.’”

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