Professor of Islamic Law: Jews Control the World Through Language


Department of Down-The-Rabbit-Hole: a Jordanian professor of Islamic law has figured out how the Jews/Zionists control the world: they control the language that we all use, and thereby twist our understanding of things. Endlessly diabolical, those Jews. A report on his remarkable insight is here: “Jordanian Professor Ahmad Nofal: The Jews Rule The World; We Have To Say ‘Zionists’ Instead Of ‘Jews’ Or Else They Cancel Us; Zionists Harvest Palestinians’ Organs,” MEMRI, April 2, 2021: Jordanian professor Ahmad Nofal said that the Jews rule the world and monitor every word that is said, therefore the word “Zionists” must be used instead of “Jews,” but there is no difference between the two words. No “difference between the two words”? So all Jews are Zionists? That will come as news to such ferocious anti-Zionist Jews as Peter Beinart, Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Ben-Ami and the members of J Street, Ariel Gold and the members of Code Pink, Noam Chomsky, Richard Falk and so many other Jews who reject the Jewish state, in whole or in part.

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