As Millions of Americans Remain Jobless, Biden Admin Giving Out 22,000 More Seasonal Work Visas


Despite the fact that millions of Americans are struggling and unemployed amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Biden administration will make available an additional 22,000 H-2B seasonal work visas so companies can import 22,000 more foreign workers. The Wall Street Journal first reported the added visas, which are often used during labor shortages, will be in addition to the already 66,000 such visas available annually to seasonal foreign nationals. Do you know anyone not currently working who can cut grass, monitor the pH level of the water in a fishery or handle odd jobs at a county fair? That person will now face more competition from imported workers while millions of Americans remain sidelined from the workforce. Such jobs are in high demand, according to the report. The Department of Homeland Security, which you’d assume would have its hands full with the country’s border crisis, announced it wants to offer more opportunities for foreign workers.

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