Outrage of the war on cops: Devine


How does this work? On Friday the NYPD saves New York from God-knows-what by arresting an Ohio man allegedly toting an AK-47 and a bag of ammo inside the Times Square subway station. On Saturday, the NYPD is the punching bag, yet again, for an anarchic bunch of privileged brats who think it’s their right to attack the police officers who keep this city safe. What gives, New York? With a jury verdict expected this week in the murder trial of former Minneapolis Officer Derek Chauvin, the white officer charged in the death of George Floyd, our city is bracing for even more violent riots from Antifa-BLM agitators. It’s grim news that the NYPD has ordered officers not to take unscheduled days off until further notice. “We have been planning for this for some time,” Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said last week. “We think we are prepared.” If the city gets out unscathed, it would be no thanks to elected Democratic lawmakers, who are going out of their way to aid and abet the war on cops.

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