Flashback: O’Toole signed pledged to ‘reject any future national carbon tax’


Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole became the subject of controversy on Thursday after announcing his climate change plan which, among other things, involves a “consumer price on carbon.” The plan was immediately criticized by conservatives, who argue that the plan is essentially a carbon tax with some modifications. Rather than the government offering a rebate for taxes paid on carbon, Canadians would be contributing to a “carbon savings account” which allows them to save credits to purchase green items with a low carbon footprint. The move was especially controversial given O’Toole’s prior stance against the carbon tax, promising to abolish it after becoming Prime Minister if elected. In June of 2020, less than one year ago, O’Toole signed a pledge with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation promising to repeal and not replace the Trudeau carbon tax. “I, Erin O’Toole, promise that, if elected Prime Minister, I will: Immediately repeal the Trudeau carbon tax; and, Reject any future national carbon tax or cap-and-trade scheme.” The CTF slammed O’Toole for breaking his pledge after the Tories revealed their climate plan.

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