Canada Is Not A Serious Country


Lets be honest. Canada now coasts along on the fumes of previous achievement. Of all the problems Canada faces, these absolute trash Olympic uniforms are about as low on the list as you can get. And yet, there is significance here: “Aesthetics matter, and these trash uniforms certainly get across the idea that Canada is an unserious country unable to muster a shred of confidence or self-respect.” In 2021, does Canada deserve better than uniforms that look like they were vandalized by angry teens with Sharpies? Not really. If Olympic uniforms serve to project our national image, these garments actually nail it, writes Sabrina Maddeaux. “Canada is having a rough time. Once the promised land of oil sands, maple syrup, and kinda-free healthcare, we’re now a world leader in new COVID cases, money laundering, and overpriced houses. But, with the Tokyo Olympics (maybe) around the corner, the Great White North has a chance to redeem itself on the international stage – to show other countries who we really are. Sure, the medal tallies are important. But the world’s most-viewed sporting event is ultimately about spectacle, which means it’s also the world’s most-viewed fashion event.

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