Security concerns raised over US shipping migrants across country without proper ID


The top Republican on the House Committee on Homeland Security is raising concerns that the Biden administration is shipping migrants to cities across the US without properly identifying them first. New York Rep. John Katko, in an interview with The Post, expressed worries that the rush to get migrants out of overcrowded facilities at the US-Mexico border will create major security risks. “They’re getting so many people coming in that they can’t process them, so what they’re doing is they’re just pushing him out of the facility as fast as they can,” he said Thursday. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is also using grant funding for NGOs to instead pay for the transportation of migrants, including airline and bus fare, a Homeland Security Committee spokesperson told The Post. During a trip to the Texas border last week, Katko said he observed a father and son who had entered the country illegally being sent on a flight to Philadelphia without any ID. Authorities also have no way of verifying a person’s identification or checking whether they are on the terror watch list, Katko said.

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