WALSH: A Black Woman Was Murdered On Video While Holding Her Baby. BLM Completely Ignored The Case


You probably haven’t heard the name Brittany Hill. If you have, you certainly haven’t heard it as often, or as loudly, or accompanied with as much performative grief, as a name like George Floyd or Daunte Wright or Michael Brown. But the video of her death at the hands of Chicago gang members — a video which has been online for over a year — is impossible to get out of your head once you’ve seen it. The footage, captured by a police surveillance camera, shows Hill standing near her car, talking to two men. She is holding her 1-year-old daughter in her arms. When the car with her murderers approaches slowly, Hill’s daughter innocently smiles and waves to the men inside. Moments later they open fire. The two men standing with Hill take off in opposite directions while the men in the car stop, get out, and continue shooting. Hill, struck in the abdomen, takes cover behind a parked vehicle and lies on top of her daughter to shield her from the gunfire. The killers drive away. Hill is left bleeding on the pavement, dying.

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