Diane Francis: The Liberal government is Canada’s biggest problem


The Liberal convention involved the usual self-congratulatory nonsense about a job well done, which wasn’t true, an endorsement by a former central banker promoting his new book, and not a single innovative idea as to how to pay for everything they want to give away in order to be re-elected. I suppose you must have a convention if you planned one — even after your government is responsible for a vaccine procurement botch-up, for foreign policy mishaps, or for handing out billions indiscriminately during the pandemic. And, of course, you would do at that convention what you have always done, which is to read out a shopping list of giveaways, staggeringly expensive, without a single mention of wealth creation or where the money would come from. In a nutshell, the Liberal government is Canada’s biggest problem. The country is run by professional politicians who lack “domain expertise” beyond getting re-elected. Current placeholders lack credentials, experience, or talent to head the ministries they run, surprising in a country with so many educated and capable people.

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