Republican Matt Gaetz, at best a greasy creep cut from the Trump cloth


There is something deeply perverse about a women’s organization providing a megaphone platform and deflecting shield to a man under investigation for sex with a minor and possibly transporting the teenage girl over state lines. But evidently Women for America First didn’t feel the dissonance and clearly saw nothing wrong about inviting embattled Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz to speak — he bellowed, actually — at former president Donald Trump’s private club, Trump National Doral Miami, on Friday. It’s all a fat bundle of mendacity, don’t you know, the federal investigation and aggressive investigating reportage into the politician’s alleged sexual trafficking, illegal conversion of campaign funds for personal use, acceptance of bribes, improper gratuity or impermissible gifts — both criminal conduct and a slew of House rule violations. But as Gaetz tells it, to friendly audiences — not just the Republican ladies but also passionately pro-GOP media — he’s the victim here, of an orchestrated witch hunt and purported extortion shakedown. He’s got the conspiracy branding down pat. Be afraid, be very afraid. They’re coming. Who’s coming?

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