Disaster for Prosecutors as Witnesses Upend Narrative, Testimony Was So Damning That Chauvin’s Lawyers Announce Intention to Recall One for His Defense


While many on the left assumed that former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin should have been found guilty in the murder of George Floyd before the trial even began, that narrative has taken a hit as the trial goes on. On Tuesday, the prosecution endured a particularly bad day. Andrew Branca, an attorney with the firm Law of Self Defense, has been covering Chauvin’s trial from the outset, writing for Legal Insurrection. His summary of Tuesday’s proceedings painted a disastrous picture for the prosecution. Branca described the cross-examinations of state witness Johnny Mercil and medical expert Nicole Mackenzie as “a train wreck of a disaster for the prosecution.” First, Mercil, a Minneapolis police lieutenant and use-of-force expert, contradicted the prosecution’s argument that Chauvin had acted inappropriately by restraining Floyd. “At one point Mercil testified [that] he himself had personally kept a suspect physically restrained until EMS had arrived on scene, behavior which the state has been arguing for over a week was misconduct on the part of Chauvin,” Branca wrote.

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