Putin Signs Law Effectively Making Himself ‘President For Life’


On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law that would allow him to run for two additional terms, potentially giving him power in the country until 2036. The constitutional changes were voted on last year and included a part that allowed Putin to run for two more terms by resetting his term limits. The legislature, controlled by the Kremlin, approved the adjustment and Putin signed the relevant law. The law was posted to an official portal of legal information on Monday, as reported by the Associated Press. His current term is six years and he has said that he will decide at a later date if he is going to run in 2024, the outlet reported. Putin is 68 years old and is the longest-serving Kremlin leader since the Soviet dictator Josef Stalin held power in Russia. Putin has reportedly argued that making the change was needed in order to ensure his lieutenants stayed focused on their tasks instead of “darting their eyes in search for possible successors.”

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