Sir David Attenborough Backs New Tech That Can Recycle All Plastics


A new recycling plant under construction in England features technologies that can break down any kind of plastic polymer into its constituent elements for recycling. According to Forbes, wildlife filmmaker Sir David Attenborough appeared in a video alongside other naturalists and the owners of the new plant that uses superheated steam to obliterate the chemical bonds holding the monomers together. Owned by Mura Technology, the process is known as HydroPRS, and it’s particularly special due to its ability to break down plastics normally destined for landfills or incineration. It can even remove biological material like food scraps clinging to the plastic, an aspect that can sometimes prevent plastic from being recycled—instead being used to power the boilers fueling the recycling. What’s left are oils and chemicals ready to be re-sold to manufacturers to make into new products. “What’s so tragic about plastic pollution is that it is so totally unnecessary,” Attenborough says in the video, released by U.K. recycling firm Mura Technology. “The plastic in our oceans should never have found its way there in the first place.”

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