After Losing Georgia Voter Law Argument, BlueAnon Conspiracy Theorists Freak Out Over A “Hidden” Trump Coke That Was Actually In Plain Sight


Left-wing conspiracy theorists, otherwise known as “BlueAnon”, collectively freaking out Monday evening after former White House staffer Stephen Miller posted a picture with former President Donald Trump in which Trump appears to be drinking a Coca-Cola. The BlueAnon brigade trended the word “coke” on Twitter on Monday. No, not because of Hunter Biden. But because they think 24 hours after asserting a buying boycott on Coca Cola products, Donald Trump drinking a Coke in his office is hypocritical. That would make perfect sense, IF you believe Trump threw out all his Coca-Cola bottles upon announcing the buycott due to Coke’s false proclamations over Georgia’s new voting law. In reality, Coca-Cola, Delta, and other companies are peddling wholesale disinformation that pretends Georgia’s new, stricter voting laws will disproportionately affect black voters. n making their claims, Democrats are suggesting black Americans are too stupid to figure out the new rules, too lazy to find their polling stations, and too poor to bring their own water in case of long voting lines (P.S. non-partisan groups can still hand out water at the polls, per the new law).

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