Head of Canadian committee in charge of telecommunications promises gov’t will regulate Internet videos


During a Commons heritage committee meeting last week, the head of Canada’s broadcast regulator said the agency will “regulate all programming,” including the internet, via the passage of a controversial bill now before parliament. “The Commission has looked, three times in total dating back 20 years, at whether or not it would be desirable or necessary to regulate content delivered over the internet,” said Ian Scott, CEO of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) as reported by Blacklocks Reporter. “In the past, the commission has concluded regulating it would not meaningfully contribute to the broadcasting system. Now the world has changed.” Scott’s proposed internet regulation will include “all programming” of online video providers such as popular streaming services such as Disney+ and Netflix. Scott said that Canada’s “Broadcasting Act is now 30 years old,” and that back in 1991 when enacted, Parliament “could not foresee how modern technology would change.”

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