Watch: Antifa Smashes Man’s Truck, Then He Pulls Out a Gun


Antifa outlaws appeared to suddenly welcome and even cooperate with police only seconds after a fed-up citizen pulled a gun on them. Maybe those in power can learn something from it. On Sunday, patriots held a “Freedom Rally” in the area of the Oregon State Capitol in Salem to “flag wave to honor those who fought for our freedoms,” The Oregonian reported. Unfortunately, participants were attacked and harassed by a 200-strong group of antifa counterdemonstrators whom police described as “heavily armed.” The confrontations led to four arrests, according to Salem police — but not for the man that The Oregonian claimed had “brandished a gun.” Video footage showed the unidentified man pulling a pistol from his waistband and cocking it in front of violent radicals who were attacking his vehicle after they apparently pepper-sprayed him.

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