Tam’s Refusal To Acknowledge Clear Errors Seems To Be Generating A Reversal In How The Public Perceives Her Performance


It is obvious to nearly everyone that the initial “low-risk” assessment of the virus was a huge error by the government. Tam has stunningly continued to stand by it. Take a look at these two headlines: “Tam criticized for supporting ‘indefensible’ assessment of COVID-19 risk” “Don Martin: After that devastating auditor general’s report, why does Tam still have a job?” Those headlines both emerged today, from publications that haven’t spent much time criticizing Tam. Indeed, criticism of Dr. Tam generally seemed to be a ‘third-rail’ for much of the establishment media, while independent media such as yours truly have been critical for quite some time. Yet, it seems the tide is turning. Last week, Tam claimed that the assessment of the virus as ‘low-risk’ to Canada was “not wrong.” Here’s what I wrote following Tam’s comments: “Dr. Theresa Tam inexplicably doubled-down on her early-pandemic claim that the risk from the Wuhan Virus was “low-risk,” a claim that was completely demolished by further events.

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