Oxford University may stop teaching sheet music because of its ‘complicity in white supremacy’


The University of Oxford has taken the Black Lives Matter movement to heart, and as such is considering a plan to scrap sheet music, notation, and the classical music that was scored upon it. Sheet music is now considered “too colonial,” while Beethoven and Mozart, and music curriculums in general, are believed to have “complicity in white supremacy.” Arguments against the music, which is one of the greatest achievements of western civilization, arose not just from activist students but from activist professors, who say that the music study in its current composition is focused on “white European music from the slave period.” Musical notation is believed now to be part of a “colonialist representational system.” The changes are being proposed to undergraduate level courses and the goal is to “decolonize” music study. These professors are intent on addressing “white hegemony,” according to the Telegraph. The professors argue that the teaching of musical notation would be a “slap in the face” for students because notation “has not ‘shaken off its connection to its colonial past.”

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