Trudeau Liberals spend $700 MILLION on ventilators, 98 percent remain warehoused


The Department of Health, under the leadership of Health Minister Patty Hajdu, purchased $700 million worth of ventilators during the coronavirus pandemic to help Canadians suffering with respiratory disease. However, Blacklock’s Reporter has reported that only two percent of the ventilators have been used, with the rest either having never been delivered or been placed in a warehouse. Of the 40,547 ventilators the Canadian government ordered, only 27,025 arrived. Approximately 500 of those ventilators were put to use for Canadians, while the remaining 26,000 deliveries were placed in warehouses. “I mean, 40,000 ordered? I think we have enough for twenty-five years,” said Conservative MP Pierre Paul-Hus. “Is there any possibility of cancelling the rest of the orders because they are not required right now? That’s hundreds of millions of dollars.” Michael Mills, Associate Assistant Deputy Minister of Public Works, said that the government is “currently working with our suppliers to try and reduce the overall numbers,” and that they “do not expect to take delivery of all 40,000.”

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