‘I’m in charge’: O’Toole brushes off Conservative grassroots vote on climate change


Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole brushed off the idea Tuesday that a vote by the party’s grassroots on climate change should colour Canadians’ opinion of his party. “I’m the leader, I’m in charge,” O’Toole said a press conference as he reiterated his pledge that his party will present a plan to address climate change ahead of the next election. Over the weekend, delegates to the Conservatives’ policy convention voted down a resolution that would have included the line “climate change is real” in the party’s official policy document. While the existing document does implicitly acknowledge that fact and the party’s 2019 election platform said it explicitly, that didn’t stop the Liberals from swiftly jumping on the vote results to attack the Conservatives as climate-change deniers. They tossed that accusation at the Tories multiple times Monday, both in House of Commons committee hearings and during question period.

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