Man Loses $1,178,746 Lottery Ticket While Running Errands, Retraces Steps to Find It in Parking Lot


Nick Slatten of Sparta, Tennessee, had just finished a day of work laying tile on March 10. On his way home, he stopped at Village Market to get something to drink. He also decided to purchase a Tennessee Cash ticket for that day’s drawing — the winnings would be over $1 million, so what could it hurt? The next morning he checked on the winning numbers only to discover that he held the winning ticket. “I was stunned. I couldn’t believe it,” he told the Tennessee Lottery. “I can’t express it. It was something else.” There, in his hand, was the piece of paper with matching numbers that would make him the winner of the $1,178,746 total. Thrilled, he broke the news to his fiancée before helping his brother out by taking him to run errands and then getting some lunch.

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