Harper PMO made aware of Vance relationship with subordinate in 2015, aide testifies


The chief of staff to former prime minister Stephen Harper says the leader’s office was made aware of a relationship former defence chief Gen. Jonathan Vance had with a subordinate before his appointment in 2015. When considering Vance’s appointment for the military’s top post, Ray Novak told the House of Commons defence committee on Monday that, in March 2015, the National Security and Intelligence Advisor briefed then-PM Harper that the general was in a relationship with a subordinate U.S. officer who was “not in his chain of command” during a NATO deployment in Italy. He was informed that the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and the Department of National Defence had reviewed the matter and that there was no investigation or “reprimand” against the general and the woman that was his then fiancée. Harper had also scheduled a meeting with Vance following this briefing and raised the issue.

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