DC Fencing to Be Removed After Capitol Police Admit No ‘Credible Threat’


That uninviting outer fencing around the U.S. Capitol will reportedly come down in the coming days after it’s made a mockery of the principles this country was founded upon for more than two months. Acting House Sergeant-at-Arms Timothy Blodgett issued a memo on Friday announcing that the Capitol architect and the U.S. Capitol Police together “will remove the outer perimeter fencing around the Capitol complex sooner than initially anticipated.” CNN reported that the move could come as early as this weekend, said Blodgett. The man told lawmakers that “there does not exist a known, credible threat against Congress or the Capitol Complex that warrants the temporary security fencing.” The exercise in political theatrics was anticipated to last until the fall of this year. Without a boogeyman, apparently people who aren’t covetous of power made the decision to end the charade.

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