Rep. Omar introduces Agenda 21


Without respect to the fact that states have the authority to regulate housing contracts, Ilhan Omar uses a viral smokescreen to begin implementing some of the worst features of Agenda 21, the leftist promise that the government will provide affordable housing for everyone. On March 11, she introduced H.R. 1847, a bill “To suspend obligations of residential renters and mortgagors to make payments during the COVID-19 emergency, and for other purposes.” So far only a draft of the text is available. Essentially, the bill says that real property tenants can stop paying their landlords. Our country was not founded on the moral code that one is not responsible for one’s obligations and debts. However, these socialists would make it so. Unsurprisingly, this bill is full of problems. It provides for a COVID suspension period ending April 2022 (Sec. 8(3)), but the landlord relief fund runs for five years (Sec. 5 (c)(1)). It seems as if it’s planning to extend for up to five years a tenant’s freedom from rent obligations, should the bill become law. Under H.R. 1847, tenants may simply stop paying their rent, without restriction, for a period of one year (for now).

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