‘Deepfake’ videos are pushing the boundaries of digital media


As fake videos generated by AI continue to become more convincing, what was once a tool to share laughs on the internet has grown into a worrying sector of digital media. Whether it’s a viral video of “Tom Cruise” doing a magic trick or “Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg” boasting about having “total control of billions of people’s stolen data,” deepfake videos have the capacity to cause real harm to people who fall for their deception. A Pennsylvania woman was charged last weekend with allegedly making deepfake videos of girls on a cheerleading team her daughter used to belong to – the videos showed the girls nude, smoking or partying – in an attempt to get them kicked off the team. Graphic artist Chris Ume, the mastermind behind the Tom Cruise TikTok deepfake, told CTV News that when he started making deepfake videos it was just to “have good fun.”

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