Manitoba government plans to eliminate elected school boards in major overhaul of education


A massive overhaul of Manitoba’s education system will concentrate almost all of the province’s elected school boards and hand much of the decision-making power to a new authority appointed by the province. Manitoba’s Progressive Conservative government unveiled the full contents of a bill introduced last November that would replace the province’s 37 English-language school divisions with one provincial education authority. The bill would create local community school councils, with volunteer executives including the parents of students, to advise individual schools. The changes outlined in the province’s plans grew out of a comprehensive review on kindergarten to Grade 12 education, launched in 2019, which delivered a report to the government in March 2020. The province delayed the release of that report due to COVID-19. “It is no surprise to Manitobans that our system needed to change, but COVID forced us to recognize our system’s huge disparities,” said Education Minister Cliff Cullen during a news conference Monday.

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