Alberta government tables voter recall bill for MLAs, councillors, school trustees


Jason Kenney’s government has tabled a bill that will allow voters to turf underperforming politicians between elections. Solicitor General Kaycee Madu introduced the bill in the legislature Monday afternoon. Styled the Recall Act, Bill C-52 sets out the process for voters to petition for the removal of MLAs, municipal councillors and mayors, as well as school board officials. Any Alberta voter can initiate a petition to recall their MLA for any reason by applying to the Chief Electoral Officer. Once the petition is issued, the applicant has 60 days to collect signatures from 40% of eligible voters in the MLA’s constituency. Petitioners and those volunteering to collect signatures must be residents of the riding in question. If the threshold is met, a riding-wide recall election will be held. If a simple majority votes to recall, the MLA is removed from office.

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