Don Martin: How to give Trudeau what he needs the most – a stronger Official Opposition


Justin Trudeau deserves better. Specifically, the prime minister deserves a much better Official Opposition. With so much going so wrong for this prime minister, the Conservatives should be hauling in a bounty of first-place ribbons from a parliamentary field day on this, the first anniversary of a planetary pandemic. But you’d never know it reading the gloomy state of the party as it approaches a policy convention already being billed as leader Erin O’Toole’s first and perhaps last gathering of the faithful should he, as the polls suggest now, face a leadership mutiny after losing the next election. The Conservative coalition Stephen Harper built is in a shaky state under a leader most voters would only correctly pick out of a two-person lineup 50 per cent of the time. Now it braces for the convention that will kickstart readiness for a campaign they should win, but won’t under the current polling drift. O’Toole is facing a nasty outbreak of the twin challenges which confront all Official Opposition leaders, which is officially the worst job in politics.

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