‘Cruel’ teen mom, her husband jailed for 61 years after savage murder of toddler girl for wetting the bed


A Brazilian court has sentenced a teenage mother and her husband to decades in prison after he beat her three-year-old daughter, Ana Livia Lopes da Silva, to death for wetting the bed, news.com.au reports. Between them, Christopher Anthony Tavares Coelho, 27, and Leticia Lopes Fonseca, 19, received sentences totalling 61 years for the brutal and senseless slaying of Ana Livia Lopes da Silva in Pocos de Caldas, Brazil, in 2018. Ana Livia Lopes da Silva’s mother was convicted after she failed to get medical help for the little girl in the wake of the savage beating at the hands of her stepfather. Coelho beat the child a series of times before ultimately causing her death. The day after the beating that left Ana Livia Lopes da Silva sustaining a seizure, the child pleaded with her mother that she was in pain. But Fonseca did not take the little girl to seek medical attention.

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