Man Accused Of Murdering Wife Allegedly Made Kids Open Presents In Front Of Her Body


A southern California man on trial for murdering his wife on Christmas morning in 2011 allegedly propped up her body on a sofa, told their three children she was drunk and had them open Christmas presents in front of her body, a prosecutor told jurors on Monday. William Wallace, 39, is facing a first-degree murder charge in the death of his wife, 26-year-old Za’Zell Preston. He had previously served jail time for beating her during an earlier confrontation, the Orange County Register reported. “This Christmas story does not have a happy ending, and unfortunately this is not just a story, it is real life,” Heather Brown, Orange County senior deputy district attorney, told jurors on Monday. Prosecutors said Wallace and Preston went to a neighbor’s party on Christmas Eve and ended up getting into an argument later in the evening, The Mercury News reported. Wallace allegedly told one of his wife’s family members that he and Preston got into an argument and “I tossed her around a bit,” Brown told the court. One neighbor told investigators they later saw Wallace picking up what appeared to be a body by the gate of their apartment in Anaheim.

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