ICE Official: Biden Administration Is ‘Not Ending Family Detention’ Despite White House Claims


An official with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency said the Biden administration is not, in fact, ending “family detentions” at the United States border despite administration claims to the contrary, per NBC News. Both the Department of Homeland Security and the White House have said that the Biden administration is aiming to end so-called “family detentions,” where groups of asylum seekers and other migrants who cross the United States-Mexico border illegally, are held together for up to three weeks. But an official with ICE told the network that there are still dozens of families in U.S. custody and no plans to end the practice. “ICE does maintain and continues to a system for family detention,” the official told NBC. “We are not ending family detention. We are not closing the family detention centers.” “The official said there are still more than 100 families in the Karnes County Family Residential Center near San Antonio and over 350 in the South Texas Family Residential Center in Dilley,” the outlet added.

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