The Rise and Fall of Andrew Cuomo


In ancient Greece, they warned that excessive pride and arrogance will without fail lead to punishment. In ancient Rome, slaves rode behind conquerors whispering in their ears “memento mori” — you are mortal — meaning that both fame and you die. You need not go that far back in time to see the truth of these warnings. Just consider the rise and fall of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. In this case we can see why he rose to such fame. Why he’s being attacked right now has several explanations. As I detail, I think it’s because others with the same greed for power and fame in his own ranks are vying for the same unearned glory he once held. As many as 15,000 virus deaths have now been attributed to Cuomo’s March 25, 2020 policy of forcing the admission of patients who had tested positive for the China virus into nursing homes which held the most vulnerable to the virus. The policy made no sense except as a payoff to the Greater NY Hospital Association, a major donor, (nearly $1 million in support of his 2018 election) which found the COVID patients unprofitable and wanted to make room for more lucrative patients.

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