73% of Canadian arts professors are leftists: new report


Forty-five percent of Canadian academics would not hire a Donald Trump supporter, and 72% wouldn’t feel comfortable dining with a colleague who thinks trans women shouldn’t be in women’s shelters. These are some of University of London professor Eric Kaufmann’s findings from what is the largest survey-based study to date on cancel culture and political discrimination among professors and graduate students in Canada, Britain and the US. Kaufmann’s study, “Academic Freedom in Crisis: Punishment, Political Discrimination, and Self-Censorship,” also reveals that among the social science and humanities academics surveyed from Canada’s top 40 universities, 73% identify as left-wing. A mere 4% call themselves right-wing. In the 1960s, there was about one conservative for every two leftists. Of those faculty members that are conservative, approximately 6 in 10 allege they face a hostile climate in their department because of their beliefs. Only 9% of left-wing professors say the same thing. This means self-censorship is an everyday practice for most conservative academics: 70% of right-leaning American professors self-censor in teaching and research.

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