Does the WHO trust China on COVID?


In a heated interview on DW’s Conflict Zone, the World Health Organization’s Europe director defended the body’s dealings with Chinese health officials and called for restoring the public’s faith in science. During the interview, Kluge rejected criticism against the organization’s seemingly soft approach to China, the location from which COVID-19 is widely theorized to have originated. “The World Health Organization is not the World Health Inspectorate. We are governed by the world’s nations,” he stressed. “So the member states are setting the agenda. We try to identify the best practices, to share the best practices, but we are not calling out countries,” he added. The WHO-led investigative mission to China, which was tasked with tracing back the origin of the outbreak that has so far infected over 114 million people and caused the death of over 2.5 million people around the world, faced many restrictions imposed by the Chinese government. The team of researchers was under constant government control, and it was also denied access to some crucial data.

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